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Conflict in Ancient Greece and Rome



Greek and Roman Warfare


Conflict in Ancient Greece and Rome: The Definitive Political, Social, and Military Encyclopedia is an encyclopedia in ABC-CLIO 's military history series, published in 2016. CAGR surveys Greek and Roman warfare and other forms of violent conflict and conflict resolution (e.g., staseis, patricians v. plebeians, bandits and brigands, assassination, warlike peoples, treaties, victory monuments). The chronological scope is from Archaic Greece to the fall of the Roman Empire. CAGR is intended for college undergraduates and advanced secondary students, keeping citations to a minimum and providing select secondary bibliography.
The Conflict in Ancient Greece and Rome Greek volumes were edited by Dr. Iain Spence, Dr. Douglas Kelly, and Dr. Peter Londey. The Roman volumes were edited by Sara Phang.
The project is now complete. Sara Elise Phang will publish a new ABC-CLIO work, Daily Life of Women in Ancient Rome., in the Daily Life series.
Daily Life of Women in Ancient Rome is focused upon Rome and Italy from the late Republic to the third century CE. Topics include demography, marriage, family, sexuality, the status of women in Roman law, economic activities, public life, and religion.
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